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PixlBit Policies

News Policy:

Our take on news is two-pronged. First, we deliver you the facts. Whether it's a company-written press release or an unbiased news story penned by our staff, we'll deliver the news to you as quickly and factually accurate as we can.

The second prong is the fun part. "Our Take" will be a part of every news article and will allow our staff to respond to the news in a more colloquial tone.

Preview Policy:

Sneak Peeks are PixlBit's first glances at upcoming games. These fact-based articles might come from fact sheets given to us by publishers, or they might be from our own online or eyes-on research.

Hands-On articles come about when we get to play samplings of games, usually at events. We won't hesitate to point out the flaws we see in the game, but always remember, Hands-On articles are generally about unreleased games that will most likely be worked on more before their release.

Occasionally, we might go to an event and get a ton of information about an upcoming game, and get to play it as well. In that case, we'll present you with an In-Depth Hands-On article that will combine factual information with our impressions of a game.

Review Policy:

In our reviews, we'll try not to bore you with minutiae of a game. Instead, we'll outline what makes the game good or bad, and focus on telling you whether or not it is worth your time as opposed to what button makes you jump.

We use a five-star rating system with intervals of .5. Below is an outline of what each score generally means:

All games that receive this score are standout games in their genre. All players should seek a way to play this game. While the score doesn't equate to perfection, it's the best any game could conceivably do.

These are above-average games that most players should consider purchasing. Nearly everyone will enjoy the game and given the proper audience, some may even love these games.

This is our middle-of-the-road ranking. Titles that receive three stars may not make a strong impression on the reviewer in either direction. These games may have some faults and some strong points but they average out to be a modest title that is at least worthy of rental for most.

Games that are awarded two stars are below average titles. Good ideas may be present, but execution is poor and many issues hinder the experience.

Though functional, a game that receives this score has major issues. There are little to no redeeming qualities and should be avoided by nearly all players.

A game that gets this score is fundamentally broken and should be avoided by everyone.