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About Me:

I'm a college student who aspires to one day design or develop video games. I generally just enjoy reading and writing about the industry. In the end of course, I'm just a huge gamer.

Favorite Games:

Metroid Prime, Pokemon, The Tales Series, The Legend of Zelda series, Baten Kaitos, the Mass Effect series, etc...theres a ton of games that I love

Favorite Music:

Primarily hip-hop, favorite artists (currently) being Lupe Fiasco and Eminem. I listen to some Rock, Jpop, and VGM as well.

Latest Posts

Nerds Without Pants Special: Switched On

In which Patrick becomes a mouthpiece for Nintendo.

With the Nintendo Switch right around the corner, the Nerds Without Pants bring you hands on impressions of the next big thing from the house of Mario! JD sits in with us, and we are joined by David Welch from Experimental Gamer. He is the man behind the Western-themed RPG Boot Hill Heroes, so go check them out!

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Nerds Without Pants Special: The Cutting Room Floor

Or: Seanbaby's Rest of the Crap

Welcome to a special edition of Nerds Without Pants almost a year in the making! Julian has been saving bits and pieces from the last year's worth of episodes that you've never heard before, and cobbled them together into something halfway decent!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 92: The EVOlution of NWP

We got your hadokens right here!

Welcome to a new era of Nerds Without Pants! This week, we roll out our latest segment: Stage Select! This is intended to be a special talking point segment to kick off each episode that should last about 20 to 30 minutes, but our inaugural edition clocks in at almost 2 hours. Wait, come back!

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