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About Me:

Hi all!

My first gaming system was none other than a Nintendo Entertainment system. For the Christmas of 1989, when I was three years of age, my grandmother bought us (us = me and my three siblings) an NES Action Set. For those who don't know, that's the set which comes with two controllers, the light gun, and the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt combo cartridge. My older brother, who was seven, was the first to play it; I actually had no real interest in trying it myself. I would usually watch my brother play it, and study his movements and techniques. It wasn't until months later that I finally picked up the controller, but once I did, I got all the way to World 5 which was farther than my brother had gotten up to that point. This trend of watching my brother play before trying a game myself continued with most new games that we got, including The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Super Mario Brothers 3, and more. Though I never had all that much of an interest in videogames until many years later.

When I was twelve, a bee stung me in my right ear. For any regular person, this wouldn't do much harm. But as we found out, I'm highly allergic, and had to go to the hospital. For quite some time after that, I was too afraid to go play outside, so I instead pursued indoor interests. My older brother had recently gotten a Nintendo 64 for his birthday, so I decided to try out a little known game, Super Mario 64. And what a game it was. At that point, I had experienced only a few NES, SNES, and Genesis games, so Super Mario 64 was far beyond anything I ever thought a videogame could be. No other game has ever captured my imagination so tightly, no other game has ever enthralled me so much.

Today, the Nintendo 64 remains my favourite gaming system. I've moved a bit towards collecting, and have obtained every Nintendo 64 game released in North America. Of course, I've acquired games faster that I've had time to play them, so I have amassed a sizable stack of unplayed titles. Recently, I made the conscious decision to slow down on game buying, and make an effort to play every last one of my Nintendo 64 games. I was asked to join PixlBit and share my experience with its readers.

The Wii is the only current system I own. Feeling that modern gaming has become too flashy, showy, shallow, and complex, I've almost lost interest in my second-favourite hobby. The Wii is a sort of "back to basics" system, with a surprisingly diverse lineup of games that focus more fun than anything else.

Favorite Games:

Anything on the Nintendo 64. Seriously.

Favorite Music:

I'm not really into music, I don't like singing. On the occasion I do put on some music, it's usually something from a videogame. If a game has no music, depending on what it is, I might load up the soundtrack from Mega Man, Chrono Trigger, Tetrisphere...