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About Me:

I'm a long time gamer (30+ years). I play games to relax. I don't like to play on the hard modes, unless I really love the game. I really like playing by myself. I'm not reliable for multi-player games. Reason: I'm married with 6 kids. Being an involved parent, playing multi-player for 1 hour uninterrupted is almost impossible. Just ask some of my friends I've played online with. :D Also, because of my family, I tend to collect games more than play them. My only hope is that one day, they [my children] will leave my house, as responsible adults, and I, if I can still see and use my hands, will play many of my games into my golden years and beyond. My favorite games to play are usually RPGs and Action/Adventure. I enjoy mature honest discussions about games and gaming culture. Life is too short to waste on trolls.

Favorite Games:

Mass Effect

Favorite Music:

Classic Rock, Classic Rap, hell...., most music before 2000.