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February 2024 Recap

On 03/01/2024 at 03:13 PM by daftman

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Games Beaten

-Pop'n Twinbee (SNES - Switch Online)

Pop'n TwinBee is a very player-friendly game that hails from a brutal genre. One-hit kills and limited continues is often the name of the game but this game gives you a life meter and enough continues—that started us right where we died!—that my friend and I finished the game first try. It is an odd one! I still don't understand quite how the bell power up system works, which is frustrating. It was a fun distraction and gets points for co-op but I probably won't play it again.

-Vampire Survivors (Switch)

Why is this game so compelling? You just walk around while your character auto-attacks...and I love it. Something about the progression and the weapons and feeling powerful and unlocking new stuff and finding secrets. VS does a great job of dangling lots of little things in front of you to keep you going and some of them are very obtuse but occasionally looking up something online has not diminished my enjoyment of this game. And the DLC is stretching that out farther and farther.

-Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (Switch)

There is a lot to love about this prequel. The watercolor visuals are gorgeous and the OST can be haunting, playful, exciting, or peaceful, whatever is needed. Playing both characters at the same time (not always necessary) is something different and I like that. It mostly works, though my brain would sometimes break in the heat of combat. Story is good. My main complaint is that the map is not helpful. I gave up returning to look for upgrades bc it's too hard to find where you want to go.

Games Bought

In the realm of acquisitions January was, I think, an understandable lull after the craziness of December. The only thing I got was one PS+ game, Steelrising (PS5), which looks like some kind of alt-historical French Revolution action game with clockwork automatons...or something. Enough to intrigue me!

Games Being Played

-Yakuza 0 (PS4)

Haven't had a chance to play this in the last week or so but I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

-Vampire Survivors (Switch)

Still killing!

-Destiny 2 (PS5)

Trying to solo this certain dungeon and it's very hard.

-Depixtion (Switch)

I've got less than 20 pictures left to go!




03/02/2024 at 10:12 AM

Those bells in Twinbee are tricky. Each time you hit one it changes its powerup. It's very hard to get it to the powerup you want while fighting off everything else. I just love the look of the Twinbee games though and return again and again. 

You're making me want to return to Vampire Survivors. It's still on Game Pass. 


03/06/2024 at 12:07 PM

You should! I would suggest having a goal in mind when you play Vampire Survivors. For instance, when selecting a level, it will show you if there is a relic to collect in that level. So on that run, try to collect the relic. It should show up on the map. Speaking of the map, a lot of levels have a question mark on the map. That denotes a coffin and if you kill all the coffin guards, you can make a new character available to unlock. And if you're trying to do something specific and can't figure it out, just google it. The game can be a little obtuse.


03/08/2024 at 10:08 AM

Wow, I didn't know about any of that stuff and I've played it a bunch of times. I may try and stream it on my phone and see how that goes. I just noticed the new additions to the game like the space environment. 

Cary Woodham

03/03/2024 at 08:07 AM

My favorite TwinBee game is TwimBee Yahoo.  It was (I think) the last TwinBee arcade game and it's pretty awesome.  I played it on a TwinBee collection I imported on PSP.

Hey you like Picross games, don't you?  I just reviewed one called Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons.  It's a Picross game with a Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon theme.  I really liked it.


03/06/2024 at 12:10 PM

I do like Picross games! And that one sounds neat. I'll have to look it up and wish list it. I like when devs have fun with a genre like this. There's a murder mystery Picross game called Murder by Numbers that I've thought about getting a few times.

Cary Woodham

03/23/2024 at 09:33 AM


03/06/2024 at 12:46 PM

I really like Destiny 2. There's a lot to do in that game, I wish I had more time to sit and explore that title.


03/08/2024 at 11:45 PM

Yeah, I have a little group of friends I always play with. It keeps us busy!

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