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Revisiting 2021

On 11/14/2023 at 08:49 AM by KnightDriver

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2021 was just another year of the expected high sellers: COD, Pokemon, Mario, sports games and mobile game billion sellers. 52% of the market went to mobile. Interesting. Here's what interested me and my one pick if I could only pick one. 

Outriders: I played a bunch of this FPS game a year or so ago once I found out it was developed by People Can Fly, makers of Gears Judgment, Painkiller and Bulletstorm. Did you know they just released Bulletstorm for VR? I can't imagine the impact of Matt Fraction's penned F-bombs in VR. Haha. 

New Pokemon Snap (NS): Rented this a few months ago and liked it a lot. I loved the original and I think I will this too. Can't wait to get back to it, on-rails and all. 

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance reissue: I played some of it again after almost 20 years. Very frustrated there's no online co-op. I don't do couch co-op anymore and neither does Mad Krammer, with whom I played the original on OG Xbox. 

Capcom Arcade Stadium: I always love collections. I love the rendering of the cabinets and how you can customize a lot of aspects of the games and how they look on screen. 

Ratchet & Clank A Rift Apart (PS5): My second reason to get a PS5 after the remaster of Demon's Souls. Exclusivity sucks, but I'd still love a PS5. The slim about to come out has me closely watching for sales.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance: I think I played some of this on Game Pass a little while ago, but I can't remember if I liked it or not. But it has the DnD licence so I got to dig in deep sometime soon.

Layton's Mystery Journey (NS): So surprised to see a new Prof. Layton game and can't wait to try this one out on Switch. 

Psychonauts 2: I keep returning to it and getting stuck on some platforming challenge that I really hate. Will I ever finish it? It got a lot of critical acclaim in '21, but I'm just meh about it so far.

Diablo II Resurrected: Mad Krammer and I played the heck out of this a little while back. I'd play it again. 

Guardians of the Galaxy: Started it and liked it. The group dynamics in fighting are pretty interesting, and the dialog is as solid as the films. I want to get back and finish it. 

Forza Horizon 5: Played this to exhaustion and all its DLC. There are still a host of achievements left, though, so from time to time, I return to try my hand at them again. Never gets boring, just other things pull me away. 

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: I guess this was a rerelease of the DLC level as a standalone for the new Xbox Series X|S. Mad Krammer and I played it again quite thoroughly. Very good. 

Serious Sam 5: Played this to the end a few months ago. Mad Krammer would have joined me in co-op but he's still using a Xbox One console and couldn't play it. SS5 is exclusive to Xbox Series X|S unfortuneately. His Xbox One DVD drive just crashed though, so soon he might have an X and I'll play it again with him. A fun FPS. I enjoyed being able to ride bulls and wreek havoc with them.

Halo Infinite: Mad Krammer and I dug into this deeply, probably last year, and beat it in co-op and got as many achievements as we could. It's still getting updates and fixes, new multiplayer maps and soon a new Firefight mode, which I'm excitedly awaiting to play right now. I've occassionally played some PVP multiplayer for Game Pass rewards, but that's not really my thing. It's an excellently designed FPS and can be as difficult as you want it (at times, it's more difficult than I want it).

The Gunk: I stumbled across this on Game Pass one day and got hooked. It's a third-person action-adventure game where you have to cleanse a planet of a slimy alien presence with a vacuume-like glove device. It reminded me of games I liked such as Journey to the Savage Planet and Island Saver. I really enjoyed it. I could play it again for completing achievements for sure.

And my one pick for the year has to be New Pokemon Snap because of nostalgia for the original and curiousity for the new version. I noticed in the hour or so I played on rental that Prof. Oak was absent, but I hear you encounter him later on in the game.



Cary Woodham

11/14/2023 at 08:57 AM

New Pokemon Snap was my GOTY for 2021.  I loved how HAL made the first game, but Namco made the second one.  SPOILER ALERT: Prof. Oak isn't in the second game, but another character from the first game does return.

Another standout game for me was Ys 9: Monstrum Nox.  My mom was going through her breast cancer surgery when this came out, so it was a great way to escape when things got rough.  I was so happy when all that was over!

Psychonauts 2 was all right, but it was no where near as funny as the first game.  We live in a world now where everyone gets offended by everything, so I think the game suffered from that.  Actually humor in general has.  Everyone needs to lighten up.

Other notable games I played were Metroid Dread, Pac-Man 99, ActRaiser Renaissance, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and WarioWare: Get it Together!


11/17/2023 at 11:03 AM

I forgot about ActRaiser Renaissance. I'll have to check that one out again. 


11/14/2023 at 05:09 PM

I was so mad when I heard Eidos Montreal was being pulled to make a Marvel game rather than continue with Deus Ex—honestly, I'm still mad about it—but I've heard lots of good things about Guardians of the Galaxy and I'd really like to play it.

I see Cary mentioned Metroid Dread and I have to second that. That game is so much better than the developer's previous Metroid game (the remake of Metroid II) that I totally would have believed it was a different team if someone had said so. I'd definitely recommend it, though it is pretty tough.


11/17/2023 at 11:04 AM

I always wondered what happened to Deus Ex. I was just thinking of getting back into Human Revolution while looking through lists of games. 


11/17/2023 at 01:17 PM

If you do play Human Revolution, be sure to get the Director's Cut. I'd suggest the Wii U version if you happen to have that console available to you. The game makes good use of the game pad.


11/18/2023 at 11:12 AM

Wii-U version? Interesting choice. I'll consider that. 


11/14/2023 at 10:45 PM

Metroid Dread was great. My 2021 GOTY was Shin Megami Tensei V.


11/17/2023 at 11:05 AM

SMT V looks interesting. I've dabbled in several of the other games in the series but haven't really dug in yet. 

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