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What I Played in Gen 4

On 03/30/2024 at 10:18 AM by KnightDriver

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I didn't play many of the most celebrated games at the time, '90-'94. I played my own thing which was brawlers, action games and a few sports and board games. My friend Mad Krammer (MK), who I still play with today, and I would get together and play whatever we had, which was, at first, a Genesis. We started going to flea markets and eventually picked up a SNES and then he ended up with some old computers from his job and we started in on PC gaming. Here's a year by year list of what I remember playing back then. 

1990 - Golden Axe which was actually a 1989 game for Genesis I remember really liking. It led me to other brawlers on the system and SNES. Really, I played this probably in '93 or so. I didn't actually play any video game in '90 or even '91. I'm guessing I got back into games around '92 or '93. 

1991 - PGA Tour Golf - MK and I played a ton of golf on Genesis those years. This was a great series and still worth playing today. 
Streets of Rage - My next brawler after Golden Axe. I seem to remember having all the Streets of Rage games on Genesis back then. 
Shining in the Drakness - A RPG not unlike Wizardry in many ways and so MK and I played the heck out it. We each had our own Genesis by then and played it in tandem, comparing and competing for completion. We do this routinely today as well. 
Final Fight - This was my brawler of choice for the SNES. I loved this series even more than Streets of Rage. 

1992 - Monopoly - MK and I played any board game convertions on Genesis we could find. This was a very competent conversion and I even played it with my dad, the only time I played a video game with him. 
Contra III: Alien Wars - The dawn of co-op gaming for me and MK. We played this a lot on SNES back then in co-op. The mode was not common at the time and in the years following, I always tried to find games with co-op mode, preferably same-screen co-op. 
X-Men - MK and I didn't go to arcades that much. A flea market we used to go to had one though. I distinctly remember loving to play X-Men. It was a four-player cabinet like Gauntlet. It might have been my favorite brawler since you could play co-op.

1993 - Streets of Rage 2 - I'm surprised to see this atop some lists of best Genesis games, but I certainly liked it back then. 
PGA Tour Golf II - I think we must've played all the golf games on Genesis at the time. 
Final Fight 2 - I played this and even the Sega CD Final Fight which had a co-op mode making it my favorite version of the game. 
Doom - Once we had some PCs set up, of course we would be playing Doom multiplayer, Wolfenstein 3D and other groundbreaking FPS games. I remember using Pentinum 75 processors. 

1994 - Risk - Another good board game conversion for Genesis we played the heck out of. 
NBA Jam - We played both Genesis and SNES versions of this game a lot. The SNES version was a little better as I recall and so we probably played it more often on SNES. Such a great arcade style sports video game, my favorite kind. 
Streets of Rage 3 - Had to have them all on Genesis and I did. 
PGA Tour Golf III - And more of the same. We might have played the SNES versions of this series too but I don't remember. 
Wolfenstein 3D - The first of the FPS ports to console I got into on SNES. After this I was always looking for good PC ports to consoles I had. 
Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom - I wanted so badly to love this on SNES but it was just impossible to play: too difficult, too many pits and traps. I just never got anywhere with it unlike the first Wizardry ported to NES. 
Donkey Kong Country - I still remember getting calluses on my fingers from playing this for too many hours on end. I never got farther than 50% completion, but I played that first half of the game over and over. 
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans - My introduction to the RTS genre on PC. I so loved this game. I wish for it to get a current port to consoles so I can play it again. 
Heretic - After Doom and Wolfenstein, what's next? Well. more of the same but with a fantasy setting of course. Loved it! I think I liked it even better than Doom but don't tell anyone that. 

And that's what I was into at the time, 1990-94. Since then I've played a lot more from this time, and come April, I'll be trying out all those Zeldas, Marios, Metroids and Sonics I neglected. 

What were your favs of this time?



Cary Woodham

04/01/2024 at 10:43 AM

Final Fight is great in the arcade, but when it got ported to the SNES, it lost something in the translation (like two player support).  So even though I think Final Fight is a better game in the arcade, I really appreciate that Streets of Rage made the concept work better on a home console.  I really wish I would've played Final Fight 2 and 3 back in the day, though.  Also, MIghty Final Fight on the NES is surprisingly good.


04/06/2024 at 09:10 AM

That's why I was so keen to get the Sega CD version of Final Fight back in the day, it put the two-player support back in. 

Might Final Fight sounds interesting. 

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